What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing has been a buzzword for a while now. For all those who’ve come across the phrase for the first time, and pondering “What is Influencer Marketing” let us acquaint you with the basic idea behind Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing takes inspiration from the idea of celebrity endorsement by placing it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main difference between celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing is that the latter is the result of the campaigns that are collaborations between brands and influencers which is not the drill in the case of the former. In simpler terms, Influencer Marketing is like a mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers. It is a great platform that helps brands connect with influencers and create cost-effective, revenue-driven marketing campaigns for their products or services and help businesses flourish while achieving their business goals.

Why invest in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is smooth, efficient, and result-oriented platform that helps brands gain new potential customers and retain the regular ones by launching campaigns that helps them achieve varied marketing goals and objectives as influencers share their views and demonstrate the use of products(or services) to their followers. To understand better take a look at the top factors why investing in Influencer Marketing can help your businesses grow manifolds:

Extremely High ROI
Reduces overall Marketing Costs
Influencer-Generated Content Lasts Longer
Boosts Engagement with Audience
Offers In-Depth Storytelling Opportunities
Induces Loyalty

What makes Influencer Marketing effective?

One of the most important features of influencer marketing is its ability to help brands target both broad and niche audiences and demographics by connecting influencer’s socially engaged audiences. It is a well-known fact that Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that influencers have built up with their following, and hence recommendations from them serve as a form of social demonstration to the brand’s potential consumers. Take a look at the top factors that make influencer marketing effective:

Without any qualms, trust is one of the most crucial factors that works wonders in making any campaign successful as it is always better and easier for people to buy new products or services when you see the other person use it or demonstrate it for you and it grows manifolds especially when it comes from the ones whom you trust. In this case, it’s the consumers trusting influencers.

It is a great medium that helps brands connect with their target audience while giving them the exposure they need in order to boost their presence, revenue and accomplishing business goals and objectives with effective campaign planning and execution.

According to a survey, a large majority (80%) of marketers find influencer marketing effective in achieving brand awareness and building a positive image of the brand

For brands with direct response as one of their top objectives, Influencer marketing helps play the game right as along with promoting brand awareness it also helps in elevating other important factors like:

  • Sales / Conversions
  • Conversion Value
  • Leads
  • Signups
  • Downloads
  • Click-Through Rate

Through influencer marketing, you can exponentially increase the social following of your brand and accelerate your social media presence without having to break the bank on buying out media.

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