Macro Influencers have a following anywhere betwṣeen 200k to 500k followers. These may be thought leaders, social influencers, bloggers, vloggers, or YouTubers and when it comes to influencer marketing these people can be very powerful in reaching your target audience in huge numbers and helping boost your business awareness.

Macro Influencers Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

If you are on the lookout for taking advantage of Influencer Marketing Campaigns to cope up with your marketing needs and requirements then you’ve come up in the right place. We are one of the leading Macro Influencers Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, that has helped a myriad of brands fulfill their business objectives with the help of effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Usually, Macro Influencers leverage their reputation to help brands gain followers on social media, thus you can expect a high price tag. Though brands might get a good reach with this type of influencer the engagement rate may not be what you intend, this is all because of the variations in the follower-to-engagement ratio. Their content is typically more professional in comparison to micro or mid-tier influencers, which is why brands find it a better fit for their audience in order to help brands achieve their goals. The dextrous team at Solebs- One of the best Macro Influencers Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR always looks forward to streamlining the entire process of the campaign for you and make sure that everything is ideated and executed to perfection till the end.

Suitable Campaigns with Macro Influencers

Collaboration with Macro Influencers is effective for brands who intend to extend their reach on different social media platforms and also have budget to support this while working with high-profile influencers.

Leading Macro Influencers

Namrata Pathania


Deeksha Khurana

Digital Creator

Aashi Wadhwa


Saanyaa Khatterr

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

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