Who are Social Media Influencers?

A Social Media Influencer is someone who has established credibility in a specific niche and has built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise in that particular industry. With access to large audiences, Social media influencers have the power to influence their following by the virtue of their authenticity, reach, knowledge, and relationship with their audience. Social Media Influencers connect with their audiences by making regular posts, posting stories, reels, IGTVs, and different types of engaging content on their preferred social media channels and generate an enormous following base of socially engaged people who are interested in paying close attention to every trend they create, product recommendations they give in a nutshell influencers have the potential to guide the purchasing decisions of individuals to quite an extent. Social Media Influencers are not just marketing tools but are social relationship assets with which businesses can collaborate in order to achieve their distinct marketing goals and objectives.

Types of Influencers

The Internet has become a home to a myriad of influencers. In fact, the latest statistics show that there are more than half a million influencers on Instagram alone. Well in such a scenario, it often becomes difficult to understand which type of influencer you should collaborate with in order to achieve your marketing campaign objectives. So now the question of the moment is “How do you know which types of influencer is the best fit for your brand”? For this, you will need to make some efforts in getting to know each one considering their differences, and weighing the benefits against your business goals, and Voila! Here you go. You have your list of influencers to run cost-effective campaigns. Typically, you will come across the following types of social media influencers:

Category of Influencers

Influencer marketing has certainly cemented its place as a mainstream digital marketing tactic by gaining a deep understanding of the various types of influencer categories that are crucial for brands. Niche specific Influencer Marketing Campaigns help brands reach out the right people with the right message. Solebs-One of the leading Influencer Marketing Agency in India provides influencers in a specific niche that you can use for your next marketing campaign.Take a look at the top categories of influencers we work with:

How to choose influencers for your business marketing campaign?

Want to boost your sales by leveraging the potential of Influencer Marketing Campaigns? Then the first and foremost aspect to be considered is to look out for the right type of influencers for the same. The right influencer has the power to reach your target audience, build trust, and drive engagement by creating genuine and engaging content. If you want your numbers to play up then it’s critical to work only with social media influencers whose vision aligns with your own. Choosing the right influencers can be a rigid task if you are new to this business. Allow us to make it easier for you as we take you through 8 key steps to connect with the right influencer for your business:

01 Contemplate the three Rs of influence

The three Rs of Influence are: Relevance, Reach & Resonance. Relevance: A relevant influencer only posts content relevant to your business on his/her social media channels assuring that the content aligns with your target market in all ways. Reach: Next R is reach, it is basically the number of people you could potentially reach through the influencer’s follower base. Resonance: It is crucial that the chosen influencer’s interests resonate with your brand or business in order to promote the potential level of engagement.

02 Know who you’re trying to influence

For an effective strategy, it is pivotal that you speak to the right people using the right tools. By tools here we mean the influencers. The first step is to define who your audience will be for this specific campaign. Crafting audience personas is an incredible way to ensure you comprehend who you’re trying to reach. Once you are done with that, next you create is a matching set of influencer personas as this will help you better understand the characteristics you’re searching for in influencers for your campaign.

03 Look for engagement and trust with the right audience

Certainly, you are not looking forward to superficial results. In order to ensure the same, make sure that your audience must trust and respect the opinion of the influencers you are considering collaborating with. A good engagement is necessary as it indicates a loyal following, rather than a dilated follower count stuffed by bots and fraud accounts.

04 Go for a consistent look, feel, and values

One of the essential factors to be considered is to find someone who’s producing content involving a look and feel that complements your brand or business. This will ensure that things don’t feel offbeat in either party’s social media handles and reaches potential customers in huge numbers.

05 Look out for sponsorship saturation

Don’t forget to look out what your potential influencers are posting and also take note of how often they are sharing sponsored content. Look for organic and non-paid content in order to keep followers interested and engaged. Also, don’t forget to think about the different types of posts you want the influencer to post with regard to your products or services.

06 Research and Learn

As a matter of fact, in-demand influencers get lots of offers. So, when at first you look forward to approaching an influencer, you’ll need to show that you’ve put in a lot of time and effort in order to learn what they do by gaining a deep insight of what their content is about and who their audience is and how well is their audience engaging with them. Also, you can start by interacting organically with your target influencer’s posts by liking their posts, commenting on them. Do it as a gesture of appreciation.

07 Plan your budget

Get ready to pay a fat paycheck if you wish to get on board with influencers having extensive reach and top-quality engaging content. Ponder over what kind of payment structure makes the most sense as per your business goals and also don’t forget to consider the influencer’s needs, too.

08 Reach out personally

Start off by dropping a message in DMs or if you find an email address then consider trying that too and refrain from sending a mass email or generic DM. It might take a little longer to write a personal message to all influencers but it will be worth it as you will show how much serious you are about a potential partnership and might increase your chances of striking a deal.

What type of influencers is the best fit as per your business goals?

Low Marketing Budget

For small- to mid-size businesses with a low marketing budget, Nano Influencers are the most cost-effective option for getting started while choosing to invest in launching influencer marketing campaigns. Also, if your objective is to test a product launch within a new niche then also Nano Influencers is a great option.

Generating more leads and Enhanced Engagement

If you are focused on generating more leads and engagement then Micro and Mid-Tier Influencers can help you with that as they have a close relationship with their followers within a specified niche you must be looking forward to. Remember that mid-tier influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers have more flexible payment terms in comparison to macro and mega influencers.

Increased Brand Awareness

If you look forward to amp up your brand’s awareness then Macro Influencers can help you in elevating your brand’s presence and promoting your products, and services by introducing the product/service to its large following base, thereby assisting you to reach a larger audience and boosting your brand’s reach. If you happen to have an enormous budget to launch the marketing campaign, then Mega Influencers and Celebrities can help you grab the attention of millions of eyes as possible which is effective if your brand has appeal across various segments.

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