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Not all influencer marketing agencies are the same. Today if you search “Which is the best influencer marketing platform to work with” you will be bombarded with suggestions, all claiming the same thing, to provide the best influencer marketing services, but in reality, it is not a child’s play. You as a customer would want to get the best of the services possible, but how to choose the right one for your business amongst the thousands claiming to be the best? To help you with this, we have compiled 5 questions you should ask every influencer marketing company before giving your project in their hands. This will help you understand the market better and will also help you in better evaluation.  Here is the list of 6 questions that you should ask an Influencer Marketing Agency before hiring it.

  • Can you showcase some of your past brand collaborations and campaign management experience? 

While you are on the hunt to find a good influencer marketing agency for yourself it is advisable to ask a few questions that will help you choose the best for your business. Firstly you should begin by asking them about their past collaboration experiences, how long they are existing in the market, what is their day-to-day process of executing brand collaborations, do they maintain any database etc. As a matter of fact, genuine influencer marketing agencies always maintain a set of case studies of their successful brand collaborations. Don’t forget that you are going to outsource your project to them and for that, your reputation will be in their hands.   

Remember to ask what elements of the campaign are the most crucial for them, secondly how they set expectations and what is their approach to meet those. Reputed influencer marketing agencies will create a unique strategy to communicate your brand message to your target audience, instead of opting for an all-in-one approach. They will curate your campaign that would create maximum traction in the market. So how they plan the strategy is most important for decision-making.

  • What’s unique about your agency?

A well-experienced and successful agency will be able to present why it is different. It could be years of collective experience across the team or it could also be success scaling campaigns or special knowledge of unique niches. Also, ask if they have won any major awards or secured repeat clients. Whatever their “standout” quality is, they should have a solid answer and evidence to back it up.

  • How many influencers do you have access to? 

It is important to know if the agency you’ve approached represents influencer talent, alongside selling influencer marketing services or are they entirely an influencer marketing agency without operating as a talent management agency.

Learn how they find the right influencers for your brand. If they have a network of their own or go beyond to find the right candidates for your brand? Top agencies will have a third-party technology platform to aid in researching, vetting and securing influencers. These platforms tend to have filters that help narrow down the search for influencers. A good agency partner should be able to tell you what those data points are: audience data, demographics, engagement, affinities, past brand collaborations, etc. How many targets are they able to provide you? Do they use a technology-minded approach for recommendations, or will they use a combination of tech and hand vetting?

  • What is your knowledge of platform trends?

We all know that influencer marketing agencies follow online trends. Ask them to highlight 3 trends they’ve seen happening online. Remember, it is very important for your agency to have its finger on the pulse always as things keep on changing every day and sometimes it means pivoting a campaign on the fly. You can also ask your agency what practices they follow to elevate their awareness of what’s happening online and how they plan to do so for your business. Can they show any examples of past client successes that occurred because they took advantage of a trend? The right influencer agency can change the trajectory of your brand, and the research is the reward!

  • How do you evaluate influencers?

Make sure that the agency uses criteria for evaluating influencers. Ask them directly how they choose their influencers, and what factors they consider. If you are going through their influencer database check their engagement percentages and audience quality which play crucial roles in campaign success. Also, yet another thing is that influencers need to be consistent in what they do, then only you would get connected with genuine people who can be your potential customers.

  • How do you provide campaign metrics?

Ask the agency how they provide the campaign report. For better understanding, you can ask them to showcase previous campaign reports. If you feel that your business needs anything specific do not hesitate to ask those too as in the end, it is the ROI that matters.

Ensure that you ask all the questions mentioned above and more if you have any in your mind in order to ensure the success of your business.

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